Ten Rules For Your First Game Of Golf


Ten Rules For Your First Game Of Golf

Playing your first game of golf can be both an intimidating and enriching experience for every beginner. In this article, we have listed out some tips to make it easier for you.

Before playing the game itself, effort must be taken to make sure you have the correct equipment in hand. The rules say each player must have a limit of 14 clubs in their bag. While there is no limit to how many you can possess, borrowing clubs is not a good idea and is usually a violation of the rules. Further, make sure that you also have plenty of balls in your bags as well because the first time you’re up you will probably lose a lot of them.


A lot of golf courses usually have a strict dress code for the players and hence you cannot just enter in a dress or pantsuit to play the game. A sturdy pair of shorts and a collared shirt is your best bet while playing the game and is a neat and practical outfit. As for shoes, a pair of sneakers would do as golf shoes aren’t always required, as are golf gloves.


For most of the rounds of golfing you do, you might have to reserve a tee time which is a reservation at the golf course as to what time you wish to begin your game. If your tee time is 10 am then at 10 am on the dot, you or someone from your team must be at the golf course. Plan to reach the golf course at least ten minutes early to be on the safe side because missing your tee time could cost you your slot on the course and force you to wait a few hours before the next one is available.


One of the fundamental rules when it comes to golf is to play it as it lies. What this implies is to simply not touch or move the ball and to play it wherever it comes to rest. The rules of golf clearly state you are not allowed to pick it up unless correctly stated otherwise.


A huge problem when it comes to golf courses has been the slow play on the part of a few players. You do not want to keep others waiting on you just as you wouldn’t want to be kept waiting by a group of slow players as well. As a beginner, it is important to know what your pace of play is so as to not hold anyone else up. Always be ready to play on a turn and don’t waste time deciding what equipment to use. Further, if you are part of a slower group, it is good etiquette to try and allow the faster, more advanced group of players to take their turn before you.


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